Workshop on Mathematical Machine Learning and Application


The dates of the workshop will be announced once the situation of coronavirus becomes more stabilized.


The Workshop on Mathematical Machine Learning and Application will take place on TBD, 2020. Workshop will be held in TBD of the Department of Mathematics of Penn State, located at TBD, State College, PA.
As part of the workshop, Prof. George Karniadakis and Prof. Jinchao Xu will deliver introductory lectures on the mathematics of deep learning with junior participants as the target audiences on TBD, 2020.


Today, machine learning is a hot topic with important practical applications. Notable successes are the classification problems for identifying pictures and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Go-player, AlphaGo Zero, which beat the best human player in the world. While these successes indicate that we are making progress toward applying AI to various important tasks, there are many emerging scientific questions. For instance, how can we understand these empirical successes in a mathematically rigorous way, using approximation theory and probability theory? Can we develop a theory which can guarantee the success of machine learning models in certain situations? How can we apply ideas from machine learning to existing problems in numerical analysis, such as Bayesian inference, operator estimation, solving PDE’s, density estimation, sampling methodology, and uncertainty quantification. Can machine learning be applied to the mathematical modeling of dynamical systems that historically relies on first principle calculations?

This workshop aims to bring together leading experts across scientific disciplines to discuss recent efforts in addressing these questions. Our hope is that the activity will inspire and attract participants to work on related mathematical problems in this emerging field and hopefully contribute to the development of the modern data-driven scientific computational methods to address these questions.

Confirmed Speakers


Poster presentations:

Poster presentations are welcome and accepted by time TBD, for details, click here.


The registration will be reopened once the new date of the workshop is determined.

Travel support

There is a NSF funding for junior US-based participants. To apply travel support, please click here.


Now blocks of rooms will be announced once the new date of the workshop is determined.

Participants should make their own hotel reservations and guarantee with a valid credit card. Guests will pay for their own lodging at the hotel during checkout. Please call hotel phone number listed, code will not work with the online system.

Lodging reservations for the Invited Speakers will be made by the organizers.

For other hotels in State College area, please click here.

Should you decide change your arrival/departure dates or if you should decide not to attend, please contact the hotel directly. Please note: cancellation fees, early departure fees and no-show policies effective.

Directions to State College, please click here.

Local Organizing Committee

John Harlim (The Pennsylvania State University)

Juncai He (The Pennsylvania State University)

Qingguo Hong (The Pennsylvania State University)

Jonathan Siegel (The Pennsylvania State University)

Jinchao Xu (The Pennsylvania State University)

For more information related to this workshop, please contact us via

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