This workshop was co-organized by the PSU-PKU joint Center for Computational Mathematics and Applications (CCMA) and the Yunnan Tongchuang Scientific Computing and Data Mining Research Center. The aim of the workshop was to bring geometers, numerical analysts and physicists together to exchange ideas and discuss analysis, computation and applications of partial differential equations that have rich geometric structures. Special focus was on Einstein equations and Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equations that have important applications in cosmology and astronomy.

This workshop was advocated by Prof. Gang Tian and Prof. Jinchao Xu, as an opportunity for the communication between pure and applied mathematics, and physics. There were tutorial courses on Auguest 1-2 on Lorentz geometry, general relativity, finite element exterior calculus and discrete curvature flows. Then experts in this area, including Prof. Douglas Arnold, Prof. Ragnar Winther, Prof. Xiao Zhang etc., gave several talks on the research progress.


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