Information for Speakers

Hosts, please click here for guidelines and invitation letters you can use to invite speakers:
A link to whatever the final letters are and the guidelines should be provided here. This
information should be available through a mathnet password only and posted here:
Visitor Programs or wherever else is deemed appropriate:

CAM Colloquium and CCMA Luncheon Seminar

Center for Computational Mathematics and Applications’ (CCMA) Luncheon Seminar

  • Is principally aimed at graduate students
  • Is 30 minutes long
  • Introduces the Colloquium talk by, for example, defining basic concepts that will be referred to in the Colloquium
  • Is followed by an ongoing discussion over lunch


Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) Colloquium

  • Is 50 minutes long, including time for questions
  • Focuses on a broad question in the field or discusses a specific question in a general way in order to facilitate a conversation between researchers with different areas of expertise
  • Is accessible to graduate students in all areas of computational mathematics and applications. (At least the first 30 minutes should be accessible to second-­‐year graduate students in applied math; i.e., those who have passed the qualifying exams and first-­‐year courses, which comprise courses in PDEs, numerical methods, general analysis, and general algebra)


See the AMS for a useful guide on colloquium talks:

For questions regarding your visit to Penn State as a presenter in this series, please contact your host, Victor Nistor,, or Hope Shaffer,

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